A Safer Environment

In the palm of your hands

Single Press Alert

WiDuress App Icon instantly launches a Duress Alert notifying responders or emergency contacts.

Geolocation Intelligence

Intelligent time-controlled geofence boundaries control where and when alerts should be sent.

Siren and Flashing Torch

Activates an emergency siren and flashing torch to deter would-be attackers or act as a crime prevention deterrent or signal for help.

Safety Escort

WiDuress automatically sends an alert should an activity not be completed in time.

Live Communication

An automated device initiated phone call allows emergency contracts to listen to surrounding audio to validate and manage an individuals duress situation.

Real-time location tracking

For the entire duration of a duress situation, WiDuress will keep track of the individual’s location.

Protection through connection

WiDuress delivers real-time personal safety and security to individuals by transforming their mobile devices into a smart personal emergency system. Simply launching the WiDuress App will transmit GPS location, track movements, allow you to monitor surrounding audio and communicate with response teams, security and other personal emergency contacts.

When used in conjunction with our WiComply application, WiDuress provides responders with an enhanced situational awareness, including instant User identification and profile information which can include anything from allergies, medical conditions, medications and any other information to make smarter and more informed decisions.

Ensuring your safety & wellbeing

WiDuress incorporates advanced technology to protect your people, enhance their wellbeing and comply with duty of care requirements.

  • Automated Device Initiated Phone Call
  • Alerts sent even if device is offline
  • Configurable boundary and time controls
  • Voice activated alerts
  • Multi-Chanel alerts (SMS, Push, Email)
  • Visual Live Alarm Monitor
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring options

Single Press Alert

With a single press of the WiDuress App button, your alert will be sent, where responders or emergency contacts can hear, track and communicate on an incident as it unfolds, effectively responding to threatening or potentially dangerous situations.

Safety Escort

Creating a safer environment for people, WiDuress automatically sends an alert should an activity not be completed in time. Alerts are sent even if the device is damaged, turned off or loses reception.

Safety Escort Logging

Starting and Cancelling Safety Escort activity generates email notifications to responders automatically logging your activity, including date/time, expected duration of activity, activity description and location details. All activity can be reported on within WiComply’s reporting capability.

Geolocation Intelligence

Through intelligent time-controlled geofence boundaries, Duress Alerts are automatically sent to different responder groups based on where you were when you sent your alert. For the entire duration of a duress situation, WiDuress will keep these responders informed about a your location and breadcrumb tracking of all movements.

Live Communication

Upon receiving a duress alarm, responders can instantly acknowledge receipt, request a response and communicate through multi-channel messaging, including SMS, Push and Email.

Siren and Flashing Torch

During a duress situation User’s have the ability to activate an emergency siren and flashing torch to deter would-be attackers, act as a crime prevention deterrent or signal for help.

24/7 Personal Emergency Contacts

When outside geofenced boundaries or other time controls, Users are able to activate duress alerts which are transmitted via SMS and Email messages to family and friends.

Mass Broadcast Notifications

WiDuress Users can be instantly notified of at risk situations through SMS, Push and Email Notifications, and when combined with the WiComply Emergency Response Dashboard, responders can monitor real time delivery, receipt and responses.

Man-down and impact sensors

When establishing Users, you can select if you want to activate man-down and impact sensors. When activated, if the smartphone accelerometer detects a sudden movement, like a fall or shock, a combination of SMS, Email and Visual alert messages can be sent to responders for investigation.

Offline Confidence

Once a Safety Escort timer has been set, WiComply provides confidence that if a device is damaged, turned off or experiences loss of connection that alerts will still be sent to responders.

Compliance Reports

Design your own reports capturing all Duress Alerts and Safety Escort activity to assist with your compliance requirements and other reporting needs. Reports can be exported as Excel, Word, PDF, CSV and other major formats.

Professional Monitoring and Emergency Services Dialing

Provide additional support to internal response teams through 24/7 professional monitoring services as well as the ability to automatically dial emergency services, such as 000 and 911.

It is more important today than ever for businesses and organisations to ensure their environments are safe, WiDuress serves as a significant tool to increase the security and location awareness of all users, regardless of how many there are.

Mytch Jeffrey
Managing Director, Business Risks International

Designed to be Simple

WiDuress has been designed to be easily used by anyone without complex and unreliable bells and whistles....it simply works.

WiDuress Introduction Video

Watch a brief introduction to WiDuress

Live Monitoring with WiComply

Watch how WiComply's Location module monitors Duress Alerts in real-time

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